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    MyTourFund Features

    Combining the Value of Community Service with the Power of Social Media!

    Build a Personal Site

    • Tell a Compelling Story- Describe the tour and why going on this tour is so important to you
    • Choose a Service project to benefit your community
    • Describe your service project and add urls and pictures
    • Ask your relatives and friends to donate to your tour as a birthday, holiday or graduation gift.
    • Add a visually impressive banner
    • Upload a great picture of yourself
    • Create a personal and creative video for potential donors

    Set Goals & Deadlines

    • Input how much money you need for the tour.
    • Set your deadlines giving yourself a little extra time

    Promote & Spread the Word

    • Use Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, to notify every person you know and every person your friends and family know.
    • Visit the Resource Center for the Best Advice from Social Media Experts.

    Updates & News

    • Constantly keep your supporters up to date on your service projects and goals
    • Continuously add new projects, pictures and videos untol your goals are reached.