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Terms and Conditions for Sponsor

Donations made on behalf of Tour Participants shall be paid online by Donors via credit card payments to School Tours of America as agent for the Tour Participant. School Tours of America is not responsible for payment of Donor’s or Tour Participant’s taxes, including payment of applicable federal, state and taxes. All donations are non-refundable and are considered unrestricted gifts without restriction as to how the participant may use such funds. School Tours of America is not a 501©3 and thus donations through MyTourFund are not eligible for a non-profit deduction.

The Donor is solely responsible for choosing the tour participant that Donor wishes to donate to. In the event Tour Participant cancels, thestandard cancellation policy applies and Participant may or may not be entitled to a refund. In the event Participant is entitled to a refund, School Tours of America will refund the last monies paid up to the amount owed. If applicable, credit card refunds will be made to the same credit card. Thus, in the event, a Participant cancels and has a large refund due, it is possible the Donor may have money returned to their credit card.

Refund vs. Spending Money
In the event, Donor makes a donation to a tour that has already been paid in full at the time of the donation, School Tours of America will either refund the money to the Donor’s credit card or will send the money to the Tour Participant for “spending money” prior to the tour, with many students using such money for souvenirs or snacks on the tour.

If the Donor does not want to donate in the event the Participant is already paid in full, Donor may elect to have these funds refunded or can direct School Tours of America to apply the funds to another Participant, by clicking the box ( )Decline Tour Petty Fund. By declining, School Tours of America will attempt to contact you to confirm the overpayment and can either refund your payment or apply it to another participant.