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100% of the money raised is applied to your trip.


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  • You can share your MyTour Fund campaign on Facebook, Google Plus, via Twitter and email, and run it on your Website or blog.
  • Wherever people see your MyTour Fund campaign, they can donate and then share it with their network of friends.
  • Even people who aren’t on social networks can contribute. Simply send them a link via email.
  • The MyTour Fund platform is free to use for participants of a School Tours of America trip.
  • Donors incur a standard 3% processing fee.
  • 100% of all donations are applied directly to your trip account (Donors incur a standard 3% processing fee).
  • People can submit payments via credit card through the MyTour Fund payment form.
  • In the event you must cancel, our cancelation rules apply.
  • You may be entitled to a refund, however, monies donated to you through MyTour Fund can only be refunded to the credit cards of those who donated.
  • When you create or edit your MyTour Fund, you can provide the URL for a YouTube video that you want to appear on your page.
  • The video will not appear in the MyTour Fund if any of the following are true:
    • The video was removed from YouTube.
    • On YouTube, Privacy for the video was set to Private.
    • On YouTube, Embedding for the video was set to No, external sites may NOT embed and play this video.
  • If the video belongs to your YouTube account, you can change the Privacy and/or Embedding as described below:
    1. Login to YouTube.
    2. Near the top right of the YouTube page, click your user icon.
    3. From the dropdown menu, select Creator Studio.
    4. From the list of videos that appears, locate the video you want to edit.
    5. To the right of the video’s thumbnail, click Edit.
    6. Located under Basic Info, set your video to Unlisted or Public and save.
  • Under Advanced Settings, check Allow embedding under distribution options.